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Water Damage Moriarty

911 Restoration of East Mountain

911 Restoration of East Mountain’s founders Doug and Therese Cooper have been in the carpet cleaning game since 1980, doing high quality work the entire time.

“Back then it was just a job. Get in, clean, and get out. But then I started to pay attention. I saw how distraught they were that things were bent out of shape. And when I was done, it completely changed their attitude. Then I realized that there are bigger jobs out there that people need done, so I joined 911 Restoration.” So, the power couple made it their mission to change lives one day at a time with home restoration.

The licensed, bonded, and insured team sought out to be the most available one on the market with their professional expertise.

  • Available 24/7/365
  • 45-minute response time
  • Same-day service for all emergencies
  • Goes the extra mile by filing your insurance paper work

They are the living embodiment of change with their fresh start attitude. They love bringing homeowners the second chances that they are deserving of. So when disaster breaks out, regardless of when it may happen, count on us to be there.

Your fresh start is waiting for you, so give us a call. Even if you’re just curious we will provide with a free water damage estimate.

If your home is filling up with water from a pipe burst, toilet overflow or flood, then contact the water damage Moriarty experts with 911 Restoration of East Mountain today!

Water Damage Restoration

Water restoration needs to happen quickly or the homeowner may experience future problems down the line such as a mold infestation or odor causing germs.

Water Damage Restoration Of Front RoomFor the sake of your home, safety, and health, allow us to be there for you making everything better again.

The water damage Moriarty team at 911 Restoration believes in being there for homeowners no matter what they are experiencing.

Therefore, count on our skills to transcend that of water restoration, and be able to do much more.

If your home is already filling up with water from a pipe burst, toilet overflow, or ceiling leak, then contact our water damage Moriarty team with 911 Restoration of East Mountain today!

Disaster Restoration

Your home is up against heavy winds, snow, and flooding. Therefore, count on us to take the remains of the old and use them to craft your future.

Our team has years of experience that makes them equipped to handle any disaster scenario because your peace of mind depends on it.

The training our professionals go through means they can work with a wide range of material and tools.

All repairs and renovations will be completed in a timely manner and with great care. Sometimes an accident displaces you, or things need to be moved out.

We offer pack-out services, and your belongings will be put into a safe storage facility.

If your home has recently experienced a disaster of any sort, then contact our disaster restoration Moriarty team with 911 Restoration of East Mountain today!

Fire Damage and Smoke Removal

911 Restoration offers fire damage restoration that is unparalleled, and this is why they have become the go-to source for services of this variety in the area.

We cater a sophisticated blend of restoration that combines elements of each of our services to give our clients the highest quality restoration experience possible.

For example, the way we eliminate mold growth is the same way we neutralize odors, but with a slight twist.

As the odor is caused by charred micro-pieces then we dissolve that out using a sanitizing spray. Finally, we hit the area with a thermal fogger.

This emulates smoke, but with a chemical that binds to ashes that cannot be removed. Therefore, areas like vent shafts and wooden materials smell fresh and new.

If your home or storefront has recently experienced an incendiary event, then contact our fire and smoke damage restoration Moriarty team with 911 Restoration of East Mountain today!

Sewage Backup and Cleanup

The sewage backup Moriarty team is here for you when you need them, and we will respond quickly because the microbes in the water can make you ill.

See, it is considered category 3 accident, so it is a damage area that only a professional can navigate. We arrive with hazardous material suits that allow us to handle the waste with no threat to ourselves.

Your home’s health depends on our ability to remove dangers in a proficient fashion that leaves no room for error.

This is why we have become IICRC certified. The intense training, we have gone through makes us prepared for any disaster, not just sewage backup.

Don’t let your home or business experience a sewage backup scenario alone. Contact our sewage backup cleanup Moriarty experts with 911 Restoration of East Mountain for all the help your property needs to get back to normal today!

Mold Removal

One of the effects of stagnating water is that it activates the naturally occurring mold spores in the air. This combined with the porous material in your living space, means that a colony can root itself into the dark and hidden corners.

Water Damage Restoration Truck At Job LocationSome of the most frequent mold removal jobs we do are in crawlspaces, attics, and basements. Therefore, we ask all homeowners to be constantly inspecting their home for signs of damage.

A mold infestation will cause sheetrock to crumble and discoloration to undergo in paint. Often the colony breaches the surface and it looks funny colors. It even has a dirty and fuzzy type of texture. You should never come into direct contact with it, as it may make you ill.

Instead, call us at 911 Restoration for our mold removal Moriarty team.  Our decontamination job focuses on keeping fungal spores confined.

We use HVAC systems to filter the air and create a negative pressure environment, so that air flows in, while providing mold free air to the rest of your home.

After all afflicted material is removed, we then begin repairs and replacement. New sheetrock and antiseptic paint will be provided, as to curb the future growth of mold spores.

You get this level of meticulous detail for every one of our services, so give our mold removal Moriarty team with 911 Restoration of East Mountain, today!

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